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Artificial Turf At Garden In Summer

As the summer closes in, are you ready for the party. If if your garden isn’t ready, what are you waiting for? If you have this mind, it is important that our gardens are ready for friends and family to come over. Installing artificial grass or investing on a new state of the art BBQ are sure-fire ways to get your garden party ready.

artificial turf for summer

If you have plan to take party in summer, then the first thing you need to do s invest in a BBQ. There is nothing quite like sitting out in the garden tucking into a hot dog or burger fresh off the grill with the unmistakable BBQ aroma sitting around. Summer just doesn’t get any better than it, does it? If you just want to hold the one party, please keep BBQ away from the lawn. if you want to cut down expenses, and maintenance at a minimum, then the artificial grass is your best choice.

There is nothing more inviting than a lusciously green lawn, but the prospect of masses of feet trampling over the grass can cause anxiety at the thought of all the care you need to give afterwards. Through using artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about the lawn tearing up, and neither do you have to worry about making sure the lawn is freshly mowed before everyone comes round. The next step is to decorate the garden.

Synthetic Backyard Putting Greens

Sensseturf is one of forerunner artificial grass manufacturers and exporters of artificial grass products, with a board range of grass related products. Synthetic Putting Green is featured product.

When your family and friends in the backyard, game room, pool area, basement or conference room, they need something to kill the time. The good news is that your own personal golf course will be a possibility. You don’t need to drive in a var to get there, just walk into your backyard and start to putt away. Sensseturf know how to design a course that is both interesting, challenging and entertaining. Incredibly realistic long lasting putting green surfaces with the look, feel and speed of bent grass. 10 years warranty outdoor and lifetime warranty indoor.

Backyard Putting Greens

It is a folly idea to plant turf in the backyard, which means you have to spend more time to fertilize, water and mow. The solution is to install synthetic putting green, which look and feel like real grass without the daily maintenance. It will cost more to begin with, but you will have far more spare time for practice. Sensseturf allow a smooth ball roll.

The biggest advantage is that they are easy to maintain---imagine having a lawn that needs no cutting, feeding or weeding but provides an all year putting surface. Backyard golf has become a popular option for those that enjoy the sport. What’s more, you don’t need to have a large space to work with; we can install small putting greens as a part of your garden.

Artificial Putting Greens

What Kind of Artificial Putting Green Shall We Choose

As we can see, now more and more golf courses choose artificial grass instead of natural grass , because artificial grass also can be very professional , and it helps a lot with the drought problem , also artificial grass need almost no maintenance. 

Now there are two different types of artificial putting greens, one is non-infill type , another is sand infill type . So what kind of putting green shall we choose.

If you want to set artificial greens in your backyard, the non-infill model would be a smart choice. It has amazing ball performances which ensure you a perfect golf game at home. At the mean time, the non-infill models keeps you free from the sand infill work, and brushing the grass. Non-infill artificial putting greens always have very high density and very durable ,so it is good enough to support the ball and feel just like natural grass. 

Non-infill artificial putting greens

If you need a more professional golf course, you may think about sand infill putting greens. With silica sand infill, the grass fiber will stand up to provide a more realistic feeling. The infill can also adjust speed of greens. And the taller pile height will need more sand to infill into the grass, that will provide a better chipping ball rolling. Sand infill models sure are more professional , but it will need more maintenance and cost more to do the installation , it is better that you consult a professional installation team before you make a decision.

sand infill putting greens

SensseTurf provides various selections of putting green, no matter you need it for backyards or the professional courses, you will find the appropriate models here, the speed range can be chose from 6-11 feet , and we have speed test for all our putting green models , always one suitable for you.

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home putting green   outdoor putting green

Artificial Putting Greens

The Ball Speed of Golf Putting Green

Putting green is the most important play area from golf court. The play score depend on the quality of putting green, It has to be very smooth and density in order to keep ball's speed.

Is all the putting green required by high ball speed? Not exactly. because the turf quality and specifications are quite different, the ball speed is different too.

Do you know what's the best ball speed from putting green? According to USGA standard, for international golf matches the min speed should over than 10.5 meters, Do you know how to measure ball speed? there is a special device called "Stimpmeter". It is a V-Shade aluminum profile with 36 inches length, it has a cross groove at the one top where put the testing ball inside, with ball side lifting up around 22 degree angle ,the ball will roll down along with the V-Shade aluminum profile, the distance (foot) of the ball running is the "speed rate"

The professional golf venues requires high ball speed, people called "Faster", Generally it covered by natural turf, it has to be high maintenance to keep it very straight and smooth.

But for practicing area, people are not requiring very high speed, Now more and more people like to play on Artificial putting green. It is tufted by nylon yarn with very resistant ,and the pile height is less than 10mm with high surface density so the ball is running very smoothly.

There are many golf courts are using artificial turf as putting green, not only because of economy of maintenance, but also it is eco friendly products. Your know there are very lack of water all of the world, To green natural turf is very water wasted, so to find eco friendly products is not only the sense of save water, but also save the world.

speed of putting greens



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